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It’s worth filling up with diesel in Austria and EUROPE

Information on the Maut system in Austria
Information on the Maut system in Germany


Company profile

VERAG Spedition AG is a services company specialising in customs and taxes.

Our activities do not include transport, except for delivery and collection as a service to our carriers. Customers can rely on absolute customer protection.

In addition to our main customs activities, VERAG Spedition AG also offers a further service package including filling up with petrol, HGV parking, driver support, storage and repayment of VAT.

VERAG Spedition AG is part of a network of neutral customs agents at the main customs and border points throughout Central and Eastern Europe and offers a comprehensive service.



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Latest News
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VERAG organises the introduction of OBU for your HGVs!
VERAG Spedition AG - A-4975 Suben 14-15 - phone: +43 7711 2777-0, fax: +43 7711 31600 - email: info@verag.ag